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Tatyana Fomina

Head of Legal Centre

Tetiana Fomina works with IAB since 2001.

She consults IAB members on TV/Radio legal issues; develops typical forms of documents; recommends on practical implementation of media laws;  represents interests of IAB members in courts; analyses economy and media legislation. Tetiana graduated from the Legal Department of Kyiv State University. She has more than 10 years of work experience in commerce and international organizations.


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Тетяна Лебедєва
Тетяна Лебедєва
Недавно на сайте «Телекритика» прочла интервью с Натией
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Катерина М'ясникова
Катерина М'ясникова
Фіналізуючі чисельні коментарі щодо Міністерства інформації, які дала сь
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