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Bolshakovа Olga

Head of Advocacy and Lobbying Center

Olga Bolshakova manages the legal initiatives programs.

She works with IAB since 2003. Olga graduated from the Legal Department of Kyiv State University, She monitors legislative initiatives in Media industry; establishes interaction with state bodies and media regulatory structures; organizes advocacy campaigns and public events aimed to promote democratic media regulation.


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Тетяна Лебедєва
Тетяна Лебедєва
Недавно на сайте «Телекритика» прочла интервью с Натией
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Наталя Беднарська
Наталя Беднарська
Проработав более 10 лет в медиа, я лично сталкивалась с нехваткой решени
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