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About IAB

“Through all the years of our work and all our projects, we strive to make free, independent media a reality of everyday life and its existence an obvious fact. A lot has been done, but even more should be done. We are ready to meet the challenges that accompany our commitment to this mission”, - Kateryna Myasnykova, Executive Director,


The idea of IAB's creation appeared during common meetings of active directors of regional TV companies. During discussions and the exchange of experience it became clear that many existing problems were common for all broadcasters. It was necessary to overcome them by combining efforts.
So, in May of 2000, Independent Association of Broadcasters (IAB) was created on the basis of experience of similar organizations from abroad.  Official registration was on the 27 of June, 2000. The organization received all-Ukrainian status in January of 2001.  From October 2007 national radio networks joined the IAB.


Strength and reach: as Ukraine’s largest media association, unites more than 100 powerful national networks and local broadcasters

Longevity: oldest Ukrainian media nongovernmental organization, founded in 2001

Experience: annually implements 10 national projects

Competence: IAB staff includes top professional lawyers, well-known media experts and experienced analysts

Stability: various independent sources of financing and a strong management and membership infrastructure




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