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23.10.2018 15:15 | Автор:

Тендер про обрання підрядника для проведення оцінки стратегії НАМ / Tender announcement: contractor to implement IAB Strategy Evaluation


Повний текст документу «Terms of Reference (ToR) for Strategy Evaluation of Independent Association of Broadcasters», який представлений нижче та всі деталі щодо участі у тендері знаходяться тут.


Background Information and Rationale

Independent Association of Broadcasters (IAB, www.nam.org.ua) is the largest professional organization which simultaneously represents the interests of both TV and radio companies. IAB’s work has two focuses: it’s a membership organization, which supports its members and a non-profit organization, which promotes freedom of speech in general.

IAB strategy for 2014-2018 is ending in December 2018 and the current evaluation aims to find out to what extent IAB programmes have reached their objectives and delivered expected results as an accountability both towards our donors, as well as our beneficiaries and stakeholders.

This evaluation is also an important tool for future planning. IAB will develop a new strategy for 2019-2021 and aims to incorporate findings from this evaluation on what programmes have been successful and had the biggest positive impact. This study was initiated by IAB management internally and should be executed by an independent evaluator under the Terms of Reference elaborated and approved by inFocus (www.impactinfocus.com). 

The IAB strategic programmes, that this strategy evaluation should look at are:

•             Deregulation of TV and radio market in Ukraine

•             Strengthening regional media sustainability

•             Education of IAB members

•             Social Impact

•             Project East

•             IAB Capacity Development.

 Evaluation Questions

  1. In relation to the current strategic plan (2015-2018), what has been achieved by IAB over the period, with an emphasis upon the following three work programmes:
  1. Deregulation of media market in Ukraine
  2. Education of IAB members
  3. Strengthening regional media sustainability
  1. To what extent do IAB members and key stakeholders perceive the strategies and work programmes to have been effective over the period?
  2. What aspects of IABs work has had the greatest impact, and what elements have had the least impact, for members and key stakeholders? What elements of the work should be taken forward, into the next planning phase?
  3. What are the most pressing problems/challenges currently faced by electronic media?


Approach and Methodology

The overarching methodological framework proposed, should include a ‘mixed methods’ approach to data collection and analysis, utilising:

  1. All sources of secondary data available
  2. Survey of main stakeholders/ beneficiaries
  3. Key informant interviews with main stakeholders/ beneficiaries

Methodology should also propose a process for jointly verifying (between IAB and the evaluator) the evaluation results and findings, before moving towards the development of conclusions and recommendations.

A review and analysis of existing (secondary) data should be included within the evaluation design. Secondary data sources will be made available at the start of the assignment, and include:

  1. IAB members research
  2. Specific programmes research
  3. IAB annual organization capacity evaluation
  4. Annual reports (2014-17)*
  5. Specific programme reports
  6. Other related documents.

*available upon request (see annex).

IAB expects the following stakeholders to be actively involved and participate in the evaluation process:

  1. IAB staff & Board members
  2. IAB member organisations
  3. IAB donors
  4. IAB partner organisations
  5. Media Experts
  6. Relevant state body representatives

Professional Qualifications

Individuals as well as teams of up to three people are encouraged to apply. Agencies can also apply.

The key qualifications/ experiences of the evaluator(s) should be:

  • A minimum of five years’ experience and expertise in the field of monitoring and evaluation as well as media development;
  • Team leader has led upon at least three evaluations in the last five years ideally in the relevant field;
  • Experience in organisational strategy evaluations;
  • Experience in evaluating NGO work;
  • Fluent in English and Ukranian.

Note: if a team is applying, then not all members need to have all of these qualifications/ experiences.


Budget and Payment

The budget for this assignment is a maximum value of 55000 UAH.


Submission Guidelines

All interested to participate in this tender should submit their applications via email to:  contracts@nam.com.ua. Please state “Response to Tender for Strategy Evaluation” in the email topic. If you have any questions, please submit them via email to contracts@nam.com.ua.

Submission Timeline:



Oct 23rd

ToR published and circulated

Oct 31st 5pm

Deadline for Clarification Questions on the TOR

Nov 7th 5pm

Submission of proposals deadline

Nov 9th

Decision and appointment of evaluator or evaluation team



Structure of the Proposal


To apply interested parties should submit a proposal of maximum 5 pages (excluding annexes and CVs) including:

  • An overview of relevant skills, experience and qualifications
  • Proposed methodology
  • Timeline for activities (including days assigned)
  • Budget and financial proposal, including day rates for consultant(s)

In addition, it is required to provide filled in application form and entrepreneur questionary form to participate in the tender.

Please include as annexes to the proposal example(s) of any relevant previous evaluation work (e.g. a recent evaluation report) that demonstrates capability to complete the assignment, along with CVs of all team members.


Further Requirements

Requirements to the legal capacity of the procurement participants:

  • non-performance of the liquidation of the procurement participant - a legal entity and the lack of the court decision on the composition in bankruptcy of the procurement participant - a legal entity, a private entrepreneur;
  • absence of liabilities owed to lenders or arrangements with them for suspending activities is not the subject of consideration of these issues, as well as the absence of other similar situations arising under the same procedures as provided for by the domestic law;
  • absence in the procurement participant of accrued taxes liabilities, duties and other mandatory payments to budgets of any level or state funds in accordance with the provisions of the law of the country in which they are located or in the country of the business partner or in the country where the contract should be executed;
  • continuity of business of the procurement participant on the day of submission of the application for participation in the procurement.

Requirements to the qualification of the procurement participants:

  • availability of skilled personnel. In this case, in the procurement documentation, if necessary, requirements to skilled personnel should be established;
  • availability of production capacities, technologies. At the same time, in the procurement documentation, it must be established which powers and technologies must the procurement participant possess and the specific requirements which they must comply with;
  • presence for the last two years, preceding the publication of information on the procurement on the official site, experience of fulfilment at least two similar supplies of goods, works and services.

Requirements to the reputation of the procurement participants:

  • absence for two years prior to the publication of information on the procurement on the official site, court decisions on termination of contracts with the procurement participant;
  • absence of facts of bringing to responsibility under the court decision which entered into force, the participant himself (for business entities) or his officials (for legal entities) for law violations related to professional activity;
  • absence of court decisions or active lawsuits regarding the debt collection from the relevant participant or concerning the prosecution of him or those who have the authority to make or control decisions about him or have the right to represent his interests regarding fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organization, money laundering or any other illegal activity;
  • absence of guilt in serious professional misconduct proven by any means that can be confirmed by the business partners of the participants.




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