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Би-би-си выкладывает в бесплатный доступ учебные ресурсы на 11 языках

Если вы заинтересованы в бесплатных обучающих ресурсах для журналистов, теперь в вашем распоряжении сотни единиц учебных материалов.

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Documentary TV School

Independent Association of Broadcasters in Ukraine (IAB) in partnership with Czech Institute of Documentary Film ( and Polish International Association Future of Media ( announce a Documentary TV School

The aim of the project is to teach regional and national TV journalists (also program editors and producers) to make documentary and TV programs on vital social issues.  The project expects up to 15 participants.

Leading experts from Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine are invited to be School tutors.
The study period will consist of 3 modules (3 days each) from March till June. It will cover the whole film/program making process:  

•    Choice of a social topic for a program
•    Adaptation the topic into a scenario
•    Screen-writing
•    Directing
•    Video formats
•    Visual planning
•    Pre-production
•    Production
•    Post-production
•    Promotion

School tutors:
Dorota Roszkowska (Poland)

Producer, director of the International Academy of Document  Dragon Forum, director of Multi-Media Festival The Art of Document, president of the Future of Media International Association, director of the Independent production-studio Arkana Studio, member of the Association of Polish Filmmakers.

Filip Remunda (Czech Republic)

Director, screen-writer, actor; co-founder of the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) which supports the promotion of Eastern European Films. Filip runs HYPERMARKET FILM Ltd., an independent production company based in Prague.


Sergiy Bukovsky (Ukraine)
Director, actor, author of 50 TV documentary films; Winner of a numerous  awards at International film festivals. More then 10 years Sergiy worked for Ukrainian Studio of Documentary Films. In 1995–1998  he headed a department of TV and Documentary films at «Internews Network Ukraine»; in 1998-2003 he mastered a course for directors of documentaries at Karpenko-Karyi State Institute of Theatre Arts.

The project is realized with the support of the International Visegrad Fund (

For more details please contact Iryna Vuytsyk (head of IAB training center) by email: or telephone 044 254 55 56 або 067 401 81 56.




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