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Olga Bolshakov (IAB): The decision effectively killed the National Council and local and regional broadcasting

"The first swallow" were some decisions of the National Council of refusal to local companies in the renewal of licenses for no legitimate reason. The reason for failure was the negative attitude of the current membership of the National Council to relay local broadcasters programs Ukrainian national television and radio companies. Notice that this is a perfectly legitimate retransmission, permitted under the local broadcasters (!) That members of the National Council for some reason identified with the sublease channel broadcasting. But even after one of the local companies urahuvala comments of the National Council and replaced its application for renewal, adding to its program concept for 24 hours of their own speech, it still was denied a renewal. Commenting on this decision, members of the National Council explained that the company could not convince them in their own ability to meet new conditions of license.



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Катерина М'ясникова
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